Hello internet world how  is your surfing going today, well before I go on any further let me introduce myself to the web and tell a little about myself so that we won’t be strangers. My name is Jarvez Sims a young man in my mid 30s from the Florida area born and raised. I had two hard working parents that worked very hard to give my sibling and I a good life I watched them work sun up to sun down until it was instilled in me of this work habit, but somewhere deep in my mind that’s not how I wanted to live my grown up years.

when I was growing up in the 80s and early 90s technology was not so popular hell in my part of town you were important if you had a pair of LA Tech sneakers that lit up on the bottom and don’t have one of those huge cellphones hanging off your belt they were sure you did something illegal, but the computer world was very basic. They had apple computers and believe me they did nothing that apple do now Google was none existing and games were very slim you either played snake or the maze game with the red brick walls on your apple computer. You can only look up certain  things and that was it, so of course online advertising didn’t even exist let alone online jobs there was no way to even reach out to different people online. We either talk on the phone or either play in the neighborhood together that was the only networking we had.

One day early 2000 the internet came out with two apps know as  Mocospace and Myspace and the world of networking began, but only for friendships and contacts everybody was young, so business networking wasn’t even thought about for the users. As for me I chose not to indulge in neither site I guess I was enjoying being a teenager plus I really wasn’t into computers and apps back then honestly I really wasn’t into putting my info all over the internet I didn’t think it was safe, but lots of my friends thought differently. they were on moco and myspace crazy they barely came outside anymore everybody was glued to their computers meeting new people all across the globe.                                                               As time past technology began evolving gradually and there was constantly something new being created and released. This included apparel, games, cars, and etc. shortly after all the technology online businesses began to pop-up. Of course google had slowly arrived on the scene making it easy to look up things more faster and easier, but yet and still I was skeptical about trying the online thing I guess I was liking my money at my finger tip (boy was I wrong). I saw friends of mine online businesses becoming very successful and also seen some flop. As years past I kept reading up and studying businesses online and slowly began to relive that this is the future either get with it or get left behind shortly after I was contacted by The Deleni Group a great group of online marketing people that offered me a online opportunity. after the group showed me tons of research on them I said to myself ” there is a first time for everything” and they took me step by step through there system to help me create a great online store website in which is Bestdirectdeals.com and I am very happy with the out come of it, so please I would greatly appreciate your support